The Persecution of Hip Hop

Centrifugal Phorce CPR7102

Intro - Produced by Dynamics Plus
One 2 Your Ear - Kasm & Alaska
Optimus Optical - Honere Syntax
Adversity Strikes (One+One) - Vast of Cannibal Ox
Ring King 2000 - Centri (Godzillakilla) of the Lezmen
The Locust From The Bottomless Pit - Octavious
One Man Against The World - Mr.Noise
Optimus Interlude - Dragons of Edin
Who Am I? - Alaska of Atoms Family
Sexual Harassment (Casefile#050971) - Da Cryptic One of Atoms Family
Rainmen - Deep Puddle Dynamics
Science Is Monstrous - Dynamics Plus of the Lensmen
Not For Promotional Use - Vast, Da Cryptic One, & Vordul of Atoms Family
Nuthin Really Happens(RMX) - Windnbreeze of Atoms Family
Set 200h (Analytical Principles) - Cheik.U.4.ic f/Usephassan
Stori of the Gori - Dr.Strange of the Lenzmen
Outta My Head - Imperials f/TT Boy, Johnny Quest, & Da Cryptic