"The Formula For The Cure"
Think Differently Music/Wu-Records

RZA Intro
A Day 2 God Is 1000 Years
Twelve Jewelz
RZA Verse #1
Head Rush (feat. GZA)
RZA Building On The Cure (Interlude)
See The Joy
Wicked Society
The Birth
God-Realization / Ruler Zig Zag Zig (feat. Issac Hayes)
13 Flight of the Killa Beez
The W
RZA Verse #2
Message 2 Fans (Interlude)
Wind Pipe (feat. Ol Dirty Bastard & Ghostface Killah)
Slang Fabrics (feat. Ol Dirty Bastard)
Third World Remix (feat. GZA)
You'll Never Know (feat. Cilvaringz)
Black Mamba (feat. Old Dirty Bastard & Masta Killa)
Stevie Wonder (Interlude)
Ode 2 Oren Ishii
Raise Your Swordz / Samurai Showdown
Alone Against Him
RZA Live (Interlude)
Keyboard Concerto
RZA Verse #3
Do U Hear The Bells