"Rahzel's Greatest Knockouts"
Sure Shot Recordings SSR-9010

Knockout (Intro)
Essentials Remix (feat. KRS-ONE & DJ JS-1)
Live From London
Rahstrumental Breaks 1 (Mechanical Man 1)
Nuthin 2 F@%k With Live (feat. RZA)
The 4 Elements (feat. Kenny Muhammad)
Freestyle (feat. Black Thought & DJ Hurricane)
Rahstrumental Break 2 (feat. DJ JS-1)
Children's Story (feat. Everlast)
Rahstrumental Break 3 - Deep Cover (feat. Tonedeff)
Interlude (feat. Funkmaster Flex)
Used To Be Perfect (Remix)
88 (feat. React & DJ JS-1)
Tribute To Jam Master Jay (feat. Supernatural & DJ JS-1)
The Lesson Pt. 1 (feat. Black Thought, ?uestlove & Dice Raw)
On Ya Block (feat. Trez)
Live From Philadelphia (feat. E.S.T. of Three Times Dope)
Get Fresh Do The Beat Box (feat. Milini)
Night Riders Remix (feat. Slick Rick)
The Undisputed (Interlude)
Rahzel vs. Rob Swift
Freestyle (feat. RZA & Gravediggaz)
U.N.I.T.Y. (feat. Cee-Lo)
Tribute To Aaliyah (One In A Million Live In London)
Guess (U Neva Knew)
How Many Times (feat. Keith Murray & Lord Tariq)