Theodore Unit
Sure Shot Recordings SSR-9012

Guerrilla Hood (feat. Ghostface)
Punch In Punch Out (feat. Trife)
88 Freestyle (feat. Ghostface & Trife)
The Drummer (feat. Ghostface, Method Man, Streetlife & Trife)
Gatz (feat. Shawn Wigz, Ghostfaace & Solomon Childs)
Who Are We (feat. Bone Crusher, Ghostface & Trife)
Smith Brothers (feat. Ghostface & Trife)
Mama Can You Hear Me (feat. Solomon Childs)
Paychecks (feat. Ghostface & Trife)
Wicked With Lead (feat. Ghostface & Trife)
Daily Routine (feat. Shawn Wigs)
Right Back (feat. Trife & Khryme Life)
Pass The Mic (feat. Theodore Unit)
Work (feat. Solomon Childs)
It's The Unit (feat. Shawn, Cappadonna, Kline & Ghostface)
Be My Girl (feat. Solomon Childs)