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Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to write a bio about Mantronix...I should also note that I'm focusing on every release Mantronix did up until "In Full Effect". Pardon my ignorance Mantronix fans...but I'm totally lost on the releases he did after "In Full Effect". But at least most of the important early stuff is accounted for.

Oh yeah, a mega huge gigantic shout out goes to Rich (aka from the UK who basically hooked me up with info from half of the information on this page. Not only that, he also got me some golden soundclips of all the important Mantronix tracks I didn't have on me. So be sure to email him as well and give him a big pat on the back because he made some enormous contributions to this very important discography on the Sandbox-Massive.

If you're hunting for more Mantronix material out there, be sure to check Cheeba's Mantronix Page for an even more comprehensive page than mine. He doesn't have as much real audio of the earlier stuff (although you can request it) but he has some of Kurtis' more recent solo stuff. And he has a shit load of interviews and images of Kurtis & MC Tee...definitely worth checking out (I wish I knew about it 2-3 years ago!). He also hooked me up with scans for the Music Madness Special Edition and the UK Scream 12".


The Album - Sleeping Bag 1985 (TLX-6)

This album is basically one of the best hip-hop albums ever made. No diss to MC Tee (who's not that bad an MC either...), but the beats are what makes "The Album" so fuckin dope. Up until '85, no one had really messed with drum/beat programming and electronic music quite like Kurtis Mantronik. It's stuff like 'Bassline', 'Needle To The Groove', 'Get Stupid Fresh', and my all-time favorite, 'Hardcore Hip-Hop' that has given Manronix the respect they have today. Bassline
Needle To The Groove
Hardcore Hip-Hop
Get Stupid Fresh Part I
Fresh Is The Word

Music Madness - Sleeping Bag 1986 (TLX-8)

Well, this album was really a mix bag of things. After releasing one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time last year, it's gotta be hard to come back with a decent follow up. Although there are a few low points in the album, most of it is pretty dope. Songs like 'Who Is It', 'Get Stupid Fresh Part II', and 'Big Band B-Boy' show that Mantronix as a group still has alot of energy and dopeness left in them...unfortunately, most of the production on this one resembles that of 'Ladies' as opposed to 'Hardcore Hip-Hop' from their previous LP. Who Is It
We Control The Dice
Listen To The Bass Get Stupid Fresh Part II
Ladies (UK Remix)
Big Band B-Boy
Music Madness
Electronic Energy Of...
Mega Mix

Music Madness Special Edition - 10 Records 1987 (DIXG-50)

Essentially, you get the Music Madness LP, 2 12"-only remixes, and a live medley of tracks that is exclusive to this 2LP set. It's a pretty dope collectors item...especially for Mantronix fans. I don't know how rare it is but Rich & Cheeba are the only people I know who own this. Who Is It
We Control The Dice
Listen To The Bass Get Stupid Fresh Part II
Ladies (UK Remix)
Big Band B-Boy
Music Madness
Electronic Energy Of...
Mega Mix
Who Is It (Freestyle Club Mix)
Scream (Primal Scream Version)
Live Medley (Needle To The Groove, Ladies, Scream)
[Recorded in London on Feb 10, 1987]

Music Madness Plus - Sleeping Bag 1987 (CDSB-8)

OK, so Sleeping Bag also released their own greatest hits type of album with tracks from both "The Album" and "Music Madness". Oh yeah, the 'Mega Mix' is the one exclusive joint to this release so it's probably the only time you'll get to check it out. Bassline
Needle To The Groove
Hardcore Hip Hop
Get Stupid Fresh Pt 1
Fresh Is The Word
Music Madness
We Control The Dice
Listen To The Bass Get Stupid Fresh Pt 2
Ladies (UK Remix)
Big Band B Boy
Who Is It
Electronic Energy Of..
Mega Mix

In Full Effect - Capitol 1988 (48336)

Well, his first album on Mega-Label, Capitol, wasn't exactly a complete bust...but heads weren't feeling a lot of this stuff. In all honesty, 'Join Me Please...', 'Mega Mix 88' and 'Do You Like...Mantronik' were basically the only tracks worth checking for...and they're pretty dope too. But it was the lesser songs like "Simple Simon" and "Love Letter" that reeked of crossover appeal. The grittyness of his earlier work from "The Album" is all but lost on these as he aims for a much more accessible electronica/techno poppy sound... Join Me Please...
Love Letter
Gangster Boogie
In Full Effect
Get Stupid (Part III)
Simple Simon
Sing A Song
Do You Like...Mantronik
Mega Mix '88


Fresh Is The Word - Sleeping Bag 1985 (SLX-14)

Their first official retail 12" off Sleeping Bag was a monster cut. Featuring some slammin' production and dope vocals by MC Tee, not too many were frontin on this 12". A hip-hop classic to say the least. It should be noted that the 12" version of this track is much longer and quite different to the LP version...and of course, the Dub is off the fuckin hook. Fresh Is The Word
Fresh Is The Beat
Fresh Is The Word (Radio)

Needle To The Groove - Sleeping Bag 1985 (SLX-15)

Wow! This is one of a handful of Mantronix 12"s that is considered classic by everyone and is highly sought after by record collectors of all genres. First off, you have the incredible cover work by Graf artist, Gnome One. Then you have the full extended version of 'Needle...' that wasn't on the LP. And finally, you have one of Mantronik's best dub/instrumental tracks ever: 'Jammin On The Groove'. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite 12"s of all time. Needle To The Groove
Jammin On The Groove
Radio Groove

Bassline - Sleeping Bag 1986 (SLX-18)

My's truly amazing how incredibly dope Mantronix's first 3 12"s were. As with the previous 2, all these tracks are exclusive to the 12" and are completely different to the LP versions. And need I say each one is phat as hell. Bassline (Club)
Bassline (Radio)
Bassline (Instrumental)

Bassline - 10 Records 1986 (TEN T 118)

If anything, this UK 12" presents fans with a slightly different angle of Mantronik's production (an angle that eventually led him to a more mainstream style of music). With anthems like 'Bassline' and 'Get Stupid Fresh Part I', the heads were more than happy with this 12". But it was near 7-minute UK Revived version of Ladies that garnered the 12" some rotation in the clubs...if you want my opinion, I prefer the US 12"...but this one ain't too bad though. Bassline Stretched
Ladies (Revived)
Ladies (Instrumental)
Get Stupid Fresh Part I

Who Is It? - Sleeping Bag 1986 (SLX-25)

Well, this isn't that bad...but it's a hell of a lot more accessible than their previous stuff. Tee basically remains the same in terms of skill & quality but you definitely detect a slight change in the direction Mantronik is taking his music. Most of the remixes pretty much sound the same but I gather that this 12" was a popular one for all the club DJ's. Who Is It? (Freestyle USA Club Mix)
Who Is It? (Who's Dub Is It?)
Who Is It? (Freestyle Radio Version)
Who Is It? (UK Club Mix)
Who Is It? (Bonus Beats)
Who Is It? (LP Radio Version)

Scream - Sleeping Bag 1987 (SLX-27)

I'm really not too sure if I liked 'Scream' personally but it was definitely another hit for the clubs. Again, it was really starting to show fans more of the other more crossover side to Mantronix's music. Oh yeah, the Club version is bascially identical to the LP version. Scream (Club)
Scream (Radio)
Scream (Dub)
Scream (LP Version)

Scream - 10 Records 1987 (TEN T 169)

Not much to talk about her except that the Primal Scream version is the same as the Club version on the US issue (which is the same as the LP version). Scream (Primal Scream)
Scream (Primal Scream Dub)

Scream - 10 Records 1987 (TEN R 169)

Not too sure if this one's a promo or something but it does feature and extra remix on it (with a rather wack name if you ask me). The remix is a slight variation of the original but it's nothing to get too excited about. Scream (Jack N Chill Mix)
Scream (Primal Scream)
Scream (Primal Scream Dub)

Sing A Song - Capitol 1987 (15353)

Well, I'm really not to fond of the LP version but the Dub is a wicked track. Damn...Mantronik really cut that sucker up and gave fans a blast from the past. Sing A Song (LP Version)
Sing A Song (Dub)

Simple Simon - Capitol 1988 (15362)

Personally, I thought this 12" sucked...especially the "rock hard" instrumental...yechhhh. Even Mantronik was becoming overly predictable on his uninspired dub of Simple Simon (Simple Symphony). Anyways, I gather it did get some radio play so at least he was somewhat on his way to changing the direction of his career... Simple Simon (You Gotta Rock Hard)
Simple Simon (You Gotta Regard)
Simple Symphony (Dub Gotta Rock Hard)
Sample Simon (You Dubba Regard)

Join Me Please... - Capitol 1988 (15386)

After a quick initial glance at the track can get easily fooled into thinking that this is yet another bland offering from "In Full Effect". Even though both mixes of 'Join Me Please' are actually pretty dope, lets just go straight to the mysterious b-side called 'King Of The Beats'. Well, I'm going to go right out and say that this is by far the dopest instrumental/dub/mix track that Mantronik has EVER done. It's baffling how the same guy behind 'Simple Simon' also created this masterpiece that is easily considered the basis of the entire rave/techno music industry. "Mars...mars...needs...needs...Mantronix!" Join Me Please...
Join Me Please...(Noise It Up Mix)
Join Me Please...(Dirty Dub)
Get Stupid (Part III)
King Of The Beats