Jam Master Jay
"Be A DJ Part 1 and Part 2"
Warner Bros. 905014

[from liner notes]

Learn from Jam Master Jay, the DJ behind the legendary rap group Run DMC.

Together with Joseph Simmons (Run) and Darryl McDaniels (DMC), Run DMC's 1983 single "It's Like That" marked the birth of modern hip-hop, with a stripped-down sound of rap against a drum machine and turntable scratching. They brought rap to the mainstream and were the first rap group to win a Grammy award, appear on MTV and the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and earn gold, platinum, and multi-platinum awards. Jam Master Jay maintains his reputation as a consummate DJ with the group and performs as a solo club DJ in gigs throughout the world. This DVD contains EXCLUSIVE live video performance footage of Jam Master Jay and Run DMC. Perfect for all levels of DJ's.

Part 1
- What to look for in a DJ starter kit
- How to choose and hook up your equipment
- How to do your very first mix
- Mixing with CD's
- Mixing it up on the component system

Part 2
- Advanced mixing skills
- Digital cueing and mixing techniques
- How to become a mobile DJ
- Creating your own style
- Introduction to turntablism

Special Features
- Video lessons to help your scratching technique
- Getting the sounds you want from records
- Additional product previews
- Internet connectivity

Feature running time: approx. 80 minutes