Peanut Butter Wolf
"Jukebox 45's"
Stones Throw STH2044

Beat Conductor - Chops & Thangs
Quasimoto - Microphone Mathematics Remix
Dudley Perkins - Flowers
Ernie & The Top Notes feat. Raymond Winnfield - Things Could Be Better
Yesterday's New Quintet - I Am Singing
Yesterday's New Quintet - Harlem River Drive Interlude
Captain Funkaho - My 2600
Beat Conductor - Breaks of Meditate
Madlib Invazion (feat. Oh No and Medaphoar) - The Ox Fantastic Four
The Stark Reality - Rocket Ship
Medaphoar - Place Your Bet
The Highlighters - Poppin Popcorn
Braekestra - Getcha Soul Togetha (Part Two)
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Devotion 92
Beat Conductor - Conducted Rhythms
A-Trak - Enter Ralph Wiggum
Fabulous Souls - Take Me
LA Carnival - Color
Beat Conductor - Lost Lust
Yesterday's New Quintet - Mystic Brew
Yesterday's New Quintet - Knucklehead
Lootpack - On Point