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Help - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the small letters listed after songs in the Vinyl singles section?

For simplicity and convenience to our discerning wax junkies and DJ's, we are now embedding the track breakdown for 12" singles inside the catalog listings. Here is what the letters mean:

a = accapella
c = clean version (radio, edit)
d = dirty version (street)
i = instrumental
v = vocal/album/main version (clean/dirty not specified)

If a letter is not specified for a particular song, assume "v".

How long do orders take?

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for order to arrive (international orders please allow 3-4 weeks for longer freight distances and clearing customs). Many orders can and do arrive sooner. We ask for more time sometimes due to the limited and/or exclusive nature of many of the items we sell. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we are always working as quickly as possible.

How can I check order status?

We have provided an inquiry form that you can fill out so we can figure out what might be holding your order up. We ask that you not inquire about your order until at least two weeks past the date you the order was initially placed, as it still may be in the regular processing stage. Please also note if you placed a "pre-order" for an item which has not actually shipped from the record distributor yet. Pre-order dates for new releases are clearly indicated on the front page of our web site. After we receive your inquiry, we will get the information you need at get back to you as soon as possible (bear in mind that certain busy times of the year, particularly in December, we may have more order volume than usual). The more info you can give us about your order, the easier it is for us to help you out.

How much is shipping?

Check out our shipping chart at the bottom of this page.

Do you give discounts on large orders?

We only offer one discount - orders over $200 (before shipping) are entitled to 5% off their total. Discounts are not applied automatically. You must request a discount under "Special Instructions" when placing your order. If you are not ordering online, make sure you request your discount in writing so we can see it.

I am a retailer also. Can you sell product to me wholesale?

We are not a wholesale distributor. If you have a store and would like to buy from us, you are entitled to the same discount as indicated above, but nothing additional.

Do you have a print catalog?

No, it would be way too big to mail out! Our catalog is always available online, and is updated twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday nights (generally best to check on Thursday and Saturday morning because we work pretty late).

Can I order by fax or regular mail instead?

Sure, just select the proper menu when checking out your shopping cart and follow the directions. If you do not wish to generate the order online, we have a pre-made order form which you can print and fill out by hand.

Fax orders to: 212-967-5963
Mailing address:
Sandbox Automatic, Inc.
425 Fifth Avenue - Suite 603
New York, NY 10016

What software do I need to listen to sound files on your site?

Sandbox audio files are encoded in RealAudio 3.0 format. RealPlayer software is available free of charge at

Do you have gift certificates available?

Sure, send e-mail to smiley [at] sandboxautomatic [dot] com for more information.

I want you to carry my product(s). How can I submit material to you?

Send your product package to Sandbox Automatic, 425 Fifth Avenue - Suite 603, New York, NY, 10016, Attn: Submissions. We will check your stuff out and if we are interested, we will contact you back with more instructions. You do not need to follow up on your submission request. Due to the high volume of artists interested in being carried on Sandbox, we can only contact those whose products we have selected to be purchased.

I am looking for a record that is not in your catalog, can you get it for me?

Generally we try to stock everything that is actually in print and available in sufficient quantity to sell to all of our customers. If you think there's something out there that we don't carry, drop us a line at sandbox [at] pobox [dot] com and if we can get it in, you will see it listed on the site.

Do you have a physical store location? Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped to me?

We are not open to the general public, however, if you want to pick up your order in person to save on shipping charges, indicate this under "Special Instructions" when placing your order. You must wait for us to call or e-mail you when it is ready to go, before coming to pick up. Please note that the pick-up option is currently available only for customers ordering online by credit card.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards, as well as checks and money orders (US dollars only). Please note that personal checks will require NINE business days to clear. For fastest service please pay by credit card or money order.

What is your return policy?

Request authorization to return any unused/unopened product for a refund within 7 days of receipt.

Request authorization to exchange defective products within 7 days of receipt (exchanged for same title only).

Mis-ships must be reported within 48 hours of receipt.

***Before you return anything, you must fill out our Returns Request form and get authorization for return and/or re-shipment.***

Please send all returns to Sandbox Automatic, 425 Fifth Avenue - Suite 603, New York, NY 10016, Attn: Returns.YOU MUST INCLUDE A PRINTED COPY OF THE RETURN AUTHORIZATION E-MAIL WE SEND TO YOU IN ORDER TO BE PROCESSED.


How much is shipping?

Shipping and Handling chart
                          First ONE (1) unit            Each additional 2 units
United States                      5.00                          1.00
(including Alaska, Hawaii,
military and possessions)

                          First ONE (1) unit            Each additional 2 units

Canada/Mexico                      7.00                          2.00

International A                   15.00                          4.00
(Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, France,
Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy,
Jamaica, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands,
United Kingdom, Singapore, Taiwan)

International B                   18.00                          4.00
(Australia, Austria, China, Croatia, 
Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece,
Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, 
New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, 
Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, 
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey)

International C                   20.00                          4.00
(Argentina, Brazil, Russia,

********** PLEASE NOTE: FOR LARGE INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (35 UNITS OR MORE), SHIPPING CHARGES ARE ONLY ESTIMATES. TOTAL POSTAGE SUBJECT TO BE ADJUSTED FROM WHAT IS LISTED IN THE SHOPPING CART UPON CHECKOUT. ********** How to calculate shipping units: cassette: 1/4 unit hat: 1/4 unit 7" vinyl single: 1/4 unit double cassette: 1/2 unit CD: 1/2 unit 10" vinyl single: 1/2 unit 2CD: 1 unit video/DVD: 1 unit t-shirt: 1 unit magazine: 1 unit 12" vinyl single: 1 unit vinyl LP: 1 unit 2x12" single: 2 units 2LP: 2 units 3LP: 3 units 4LP: 4 units Sweatshirt: 3 units DJ Bag: 3 units
Fractional units must be rounded up to the next unit.
The minimum charge for any U.S. order is $5.00 regardless of size.
Question not answered on this page? Write to us at sandbox [at] pobox [dot] com and we will answer it for you directly.

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