Fondle 'Em Records

The Arsonists

Side A
1) "Blaze" - Radio
Freestyle, Swel, Jise, Kinetic, D-Stroy & Q-Unique
2) "Geembo's Theme" - Radio
D-Stroy, Q-Unique & Kinetic
3) "Flashback" - Radio
Q-Unique & Freestyle

Side B
1) "Blaze" - Inst.
2) "Geembo's Theme" - Inst.
3) "Flashback" - Inst.

"Blaze" Produced by Q-Unique / Engineered by Max Vargas D&D
"Geembo's Theme" Produced by Q-Unique and D-Stroy
"Flashback" Produced by Freestyle / Co-Produced by Q-Unique
Recorded at Ozone by Vassos / All Songs mixed by Q-Unique
All scratches by Spin One
Mastered at Westside Sound by Chris Scott

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