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M.F. Grimm
"WWIII/Scars & Memories"

Limited pressing of previously unreleased material from 1993 and 1995, recorded prior to tragic shooting which left him paralyzed for life. "WWIII" produced by longtime collaborator M.F. Doom, with DITC's Buckwild beats on "Scars & Memories".

Jakki Tha Mota Mouth
"Widespread (feat. Copywrite of MHz)/The Chosen"

MC out of Columbus, Ohio discovered hiding behind Cage, MHz, Juggaknots and Mr. Eon freestyle session on Bobbito's CM Famalam radio show. Beats by MHz's Copywrite and Camu, plus cuts from RJD2.

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  • FE101: Godfather Don featuring Kool Keith "The Cenobites" LP/CD
  • FE002: The Juggaknots "Clear Blue Skies" LP
  • FE003: The Arsonists "The Session/Halloween"
  • FE31: The Arsonists "Blaze/Geembo's Theme/Flashback"
  • FE004: Mr. Live "Relax Y'self/Supa Dupa/Hunger Strike"
  • FE005: Siah & Yeshua DapoED EP
  • FE0052: Siah "Repetition/Pyrite"
  • FE006: Lord Sear "Alcoholic Vibes"/Stak Chedda "My Hindu Love"
  • FE007: Cage "Radiohead/Agent Orange"
  • FE72: Cage "Mersh/4 Letter Word"
  • FE008: M.F. Doom "Dead Bent/Gas Drawls/Hey!"
  • FE0082: M.F. Doom "Greenbacks/Go With The Flow"
  • FE83: KMD "Black Bastards Ruffs + Rares" EP
  • FE84: KMD "What A Nigga Know/Constipated Monkey/Q3"
  • FE85: M.F. Doom "The M.I.C./Red & Gold"
  • FE86: M.F. Doom "Operation: Doomsday" 2LP/CD
  • FE87: Subroc/KMD "It Sounded Like A Roc/Stop Smokin' That Shit"
  • FE009: Scienz of Life "Powers of Nine Ether/The Anthem"
  • FE91: Scienz of Life "Metaphysic/2000 and What to Expect!"
  • FEMF1: M.F. Grimm "Do It For The Kids/Bloody Love Letter"
  • FEMF2: M.F. Grimm "Landslide Remix/Tick Tick"
  • FEMF3: M.F. Grimm "WWIII/Scars & Memories"
  • FETBC: The Boulevard Connection "Sut Min Pik" EP
  • FENH1: Da Nuthouse "A Luv Supreme/Synapsis/Very Vocabulary"
  • FEMHZ1: MHz (MegaHertz) World Premier/Camu"
  • FEMHZ2: MHz (MegaHertz) "Rocket Science/Magnetics/Absolutely Posolutely"
  • FEJT1: J-Treds "Make It Happen/Praise Due"
  • FERO1: Rok One "Certified Superior/Ninety Degrees A Piece"
  • FECK1: DJ Eli & Shan Boogs (Cloudkickers) "And So Kiddies.../Truly Gifted Ones"
  • FEJAKK1: Jakki Tha Mota Mouth "Widespread (feat. Copywrite of MHz)/The Chosen"
  • FEMEG: Megalon "One In A Million/Peace To The Homeless"
  • FESA1: Cashless Society "Blazetha Breaks"/Mizchif "Place For A Wife"
  • FEYAK1: Y@k Ballz "HomePiss/Nasty or Nice/The Plague/Flossin"