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Mr. Live

"This had me hooked from the first time I heard the first line...his voice is dope and he's got a real distinctive flow...'Hunger Strike' features one of Live's United Kingdom counterparts, Tony Bones. That voice...I haven't heard anything like that since Slick Rick..." - ON THE GO (Fresh Cuts)

The Mr. Live 12" is currently out of print and not available for sale, sorry.

Side 1
1. Relax Y'Self (Clean)
2. Supa Dupa (Prelude)
3. Relax (Instru.)

Side 2
1. Supa Dupa (Clean)
2. Supa Dupa (Dirty)
3. Hunger Strike (Dirty)
feat. Tony Bones

Hunger Strike was produced by
E. Blaize for Vibe Khameleon
Productions & Savya Music (BMI).
Supa Dupa & Relax Y'Self were produced
by Vas for Sicks Building

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