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Siah And Yeshua DapoED

"Glory Be. Fondle 'Em do it again. Wide funk vibes and Birdland dwarfisms mixed up with inspiried verbiage...for full-on, beat-switching story-telling, check the 11-minute epic, 'A Day Like Any Other'. Bliss." - MUZIK (Vital Release)

"Siah & Yeshua have heated up the hip-hop crucible with an ambitious and creative EP...the chemistry between the two MCs flow like liquid lightning, especially on 'A Day Like Any Other,' their 11 minute tour de force of verbal tag-teaming. As well, [they] whip up jazzy brews on the musical tip, drawing from influences as far and wide as Igor Stravinsky, Herbie Mann and Quincy Jones...a rarely-heard, amazing effort that quenches the creative thirst of both mind and ear. Siah & Yeshua represent the fullest, underground hip-hop at its height of cutting-edge creativity." - O-Dub, URB (The Next 100)

"A complete breath of fresh air, solid self-produced music...The EP is capped off with an 11 minute!!! multiple beat mesh that follows Siah and Yeshua on a fictional day's journey. This is how it's supposed to be, right?" - SELECTA

"Sometimes harmonies from the rudimentary underground blocks rise into the sky unfettered; this is evident in the work that we have been blessed with from Brooklyn natives Siah and Yeshua Dapo Ed, whose six-song debut a testament to all who are pro-Hip-Hop-minded...This is an album that can open up a party as sure as it will open up your interest, with some truly wonderful arrangments...lyrics are thoughtful and agressive, maintaining a poignant sensitivity that makes this record one of the finest to surface in some time." - Carlos Nino

"If you are into hip-hop that borders on the cutting edge musically, then you'll definitely want to check for [this]. Standout joints include the eleven-minute beat excursion "A Day Like Any Other," "The Visualz" and "No Soles' Dopest Opus." This record is definitely not for the one-dimensional fan of hip-hop." - Beni B, THE VINYL EXCHANGE

The Siah And Yeshua DapoED EP is currently out of print and not available for sale, sorry.

Fur Side
1. The Visualz** 3:44
2. Gravity 4:05
3. Glass Bottom Boat* 2:32
4. No Soles' Dopest Opus 4:55

Side Beaz
1. The Mystery* 3:42
2. A Day Like Any Other 11:00

Tracks produced by Jon Adler,
Siah & Yeshua DapoED
Cuts by DJ Bless
* Special appearance by Ken Boogaloo

Recorded and mixed by Hoover Le
at JSM Music, NYC
* Recorded and mixed by Mark Morris
** Recorded by Troy Davis

Thanks to Ralph Torres, Jon Adler and Nuke

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