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Lord Sear/Stak Chedda

"...a longtime fixture on the late night talk segment of the Stretch Armstrong Show. All the vocals were recorded freestyle. Not freestyle, in one take, reciting written rhymes, but freestyle, off the top of the head, so ha!...bringing the fun back to Hip-Hop." - ON THE GO

"These tracks are on some ol casual shit, to listen to when youre out on your porch (balcony, fire escape, whatever) soaking in the summer heat. The songs are about nothing in particular...but what sets these tracks apart is that they feel cozy. The flow matches the beat uncannily in both cases whether its the insistent high hat on Alcoholic Vibes or the singing/sighing girl sample on My Hindu Love. The confort of these tracks indicates the chillness of these brothers. The shit is still fun for them, and it shows." - jDEE, The Best Kept Secret

"Apparently, even comics can drop some rhymes for Fondle 'Em. Lord Sear aka Stak Chedda does stand-up on Bobbito's show and now drops an ill little 12"...Sear's beats come loud and correct..."My Hindu Love" is cool, but "Alcoholic Vibe" is simply the sh* of the illest beats I've heard in a long time, all bassline and rimshots. Fondle 'Em just keeps turnin' out them hits." - O-Dub, KALX

"...the new Lord Sear release (including his alias/alter ego, Stak Chedda) continues the label's impeccable bloodline...this time on the sillier side of things...his flow is surprisingly solid, and totally freestyle. 'Alcoholic Vibes,' produced by the Lord himself somehow manages to be sloppy and controlled at the same time - kind of like sobering up when you get pulled over to walk that straight white line. Sear's tales of booze and cheap sez are sometimes slurred and blurry, walking obliviously over and around the roaming bass line and hard drumbeat, and the effect is appropriately hilarious. 'My Hindu Love' treads a similar musical and lyrical path, showing that Lord Sear can just plain kick it with the best of 'em. And the short-but-hilarious blues stanza 'Tony Randall Stop Jerking Off' (use your imagination) is unique to say the least. This release is underground, messed-up and proud." - Brian Coleman, CMJ

"Fondle 'Em's latest release indulges Mr. Garcia's penchant for rambling monologues about wanking and drinking with Lord Sear, giving off-the-top-of-the-head stories in an amiable Nineties rework of 'Hustler's Convention.' Or just 'Hustler'" - MUZIK

"One third of the AWOL Kurious fam, Lord Sear goes dolo courtesy of Bobbito's Fondle 'Em. Self-produced and strictly off the dome...Yes ma'am! 'Alcoholic Vibes' crazy addictive. Without a doubt worth checking for." - Peter Agoston, URB

The Lord Sear/Stak Chedda 12" is out of print.

1. Alcoholic Vibes (Dirty)
2. Instrumental

1. My Hindu Love (Dirty)
2. Instrumental
3. Tony Randall Stop Jerking Off

All tracks produced by Lord Sear except
"Tony Randall", co-produced by Stretch
Armstrong w/special guest appearance
by Vlade Dibac on guitar. All rhymes by
Lord Sear strictly off the top of the head.
Engineered by DJ Mighty Mi, recorded at
the M*?#!F@kin Spot on Lexington

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