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"...this is not for the faint of heart...'Agent Orange', with its Clockwork Orange sample, is my personal pick for demented rhyme of the month. Both songs are produced by Necro and they're just as ill as Cage's ill vocals." - ON THE GO

"Dancing on the tombstone of horrorcore's long-buried corpse, this New York underground MC's single forges into its own steez of lunatic-fringe hysteria. Propelled by its slinky bassline groove, 'Radiohead's' relatively straight-up blueprint for sucker-prevention is laces with sick-of-it-all autobiographical accounts. However, Cage, and producer accomplice Necro, save their best move for the ingenious B-side, the Clockwork Orange homage, 'Agent Orange.' Lifting its melody from the motion picture's theme music and its chorus from the Genius' 'Liquid Swords' album intro, Cage frenziedly transposes futuristic ultraviolet thug life mentalities to fantamasgorical rhyme ciphers. Demented rap strikes again." - Chairman Mao, THE SOURCE

"In-your-face, focused and serious-as-cancer, this amazing new MC shows massive promise and is destined to make some real noise in the rap world, starting right now. 'Radiohead' is a down-tempo number with a funky-ass sci-fi feel. Cage is relentless with metaphorical lyrical genius throughout...'Agent Orange' is equally impressive...references to the Stanley Kubrick film Clockwork Orange abound throughout, and ultraviolent images are used to chilling effect." - Brian Coleman, CMJ

" among the famed roster at Bobbito's Fondle 'Em Records. Coming strong on both sides, 'Agent Orange' brings together Necro on the boards, Stretch Armstrong on the mix, Riz on the wheels and Cage leaving the listener what he smoked (besides the damn mic) before he stepped up. The A side 'Radiohead"...serves up the signature Cage wilin' on a bouncy synth type vibe. Don't front, chalk yet another gem for the '72-'73 UCLA Bruins of hip hop, Fondle 'Em." - Peter Agoston, URB

The Cage 12" is currently on sale at the Fondle 'Em Superstore.

Side A - Radiohead
1. Dirty
2. Clean
3. Instrumental

Side B - Agent Orange
1. Dirty
2. Clean
3. Instrumental

Produced by Necro for Necro Productions
Layed down at the Shit Hole
Engineered by Petey (Gene Wilder) Mix
Vocal recorded at Night Owl Studios
Engineered by Paul
Mixed by Stretch Armstrong
Scratches by DJ Riz

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