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...back in the days Doom used to go by the name of ZevLove X. Remember KMD? "Dead Bent" snatches the...drums made famous by BDP's "Super Hoe", and mixes in all types of obscure sounds to flip the feel of the familiar drum track...Doom's words sound as it they're literally rolling off his tongue, "I had this style ever since I was a child, I got this other style I ain't flipped in a while, it go, pure scientific intelligence, with one point of relevance, emcees y'all styles need Velamints..." It's hard to grasp the sound from just reading it, becuase it's all about the delivery. I know Scooby Doo was your shit back in the days, and so does Monsignor M.F., so he sampled Scoob lover's trademark yelp and got to work with a sinister track, which he flows to like he's in the dead bent drunken freestyle zone. His flows are all over the place, and that's what makes this so loveable. Doom's got mad character, yo, and a crazy flow. - ON THE GO

The label may read MF Doom, but it's really Zev Luv X, formerly of KMD, self-producing this new 3-cut 12". Doom/X comes indie with the type of abstract sophistication...Showing that time hasn't hurt his flow, Doom/X drops a deceptively on-beat/off-beat "flip style" guaranteed to leave you with your "dome blown within the circumference of your own home." Looks like in his new incarnation, Zev Luv X aka MF Doom is now out to kause much damage. - O-Dub, URB

This M.F. Doom 12" is out of print.

side a
1. Dead Bent
2. Gas Drawls
(Recorded & Mixed at Web's Crib)
3. Hey!
(Recorded & Mixed at Stretch's Crib)

side b (Instrumentals)
1. Dead Bent
2. Gas Drawls
3. Hey!

All songs Produced, Mixed, Written,
Arranged & Flipped by M.F. DOOM
for Master of The Zeros, Inc.
GodMan Music. (ASCAP)

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