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M.F. Doom
"Operation: Doomsday"
Fondle 'Em Records FE86

The Time We Faced doom - Skit
Rhymes Like Dimes f/Cucumber Slice
The Finest f/Tommy Gunn
Back In The days - Skit
Go With The Flow
Tick, Tick... f/MF Grimm
Red And Gold f/King Ghidra
The Hands Of Doom - Skit
Who You Think I Am? f/X-Ray, Rodan, Megalon, K.D., King Ghidra & Kong
Doom, Are You Awake? - Skit
Operation: Greenbacks f/Megalon
The M.I.C.
The Mystery Of Doom - Skit
Dead Bent
Gas Drawls
? f/Kurious
Hero vs. Villian - Epilogue - f/E.Mason

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